Aimed at primary and secondary school students, SDG JUNIOR is a United Nations certified education program created with the aim of reaching many students and accompanying education institutions interested in certification as a differential value of its education model.


We are a team, we think big and we add value globally!


The change we want and need in order to face the current situation would be impossible to achieve without an adequate education, because complex problems require comprehensive global solutions, hence why the education has to be approached differently.

SDG JUNIOR is a program that arises from curiosity and play, with a methodology based on challenges, where collaboration, creativity, empathy, research and values are the core traits.

Learning is structured in Tasks, which are related to the context we are experiencing after the COVID19 pandemic and the Sustainable Development Objectives, which aim to maintain peace in the world, protect the planet, ensure that all people have better living conditions, end poverty, hunger and that all children have access to education.

The activities are gamificated and are complemented by immersive technology through the Xtended Learning App.




  • Give the students the opportunity to understand the changes and challenges arising from the current situation, empowering them to feel and act as the main actor of change.

  • Train future leaders who are committed and capable of planing a new way of living in a more sustainable and resilient way, that provides solutions and people centred projects, that respond to national and local priorities, that deploy multifaceted, integrated and holistic approaches, aligned with the 2030 Agenda.




 App  Xtended Learning

Each Xtended Learning experience consists of 3 levels of gamification:

  1. Game environment
  2. Development system, continuous progress and recognition
  3. Collaborative game system

These experiences are made up of “rounds” or “themes” where the user learns a general concept through visualising a key situation or idea, listening to the definition of these concepts, reviewing through interaction with the environment and challenging other teams with questions related to the learning of each “round”.

The content of each round is activated gradually, to help boost  competitiveness.

Each “round” or “theme” is made up of the following:

✓ Key Situation: The user observes from within a situation, subject or academic concept; through a video that conveys concepts related to the main topic of each round.

Product: Videos that depict the teacher explaining the topic, scenes where the user observes the implemented concepts, and graphics that bring explanations about key concepts to the user.

✓ Learning: The student receives auditory or graphic micro-learning material about the concepts displayed during the key situation, with a duration ranging from 1 to 3 minutes per video/ audio.

✓ Interactive Environment: The student, through augmented reality and interaction with scenarios or images related to the topic, will be able to review content or obtain tips or clues regarding the concepts learned.

✓ Face 2 Face: Students will challenge each other through multiple questions and answers about the content of each “round” that they can exchange between teams.


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