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Aware of the difficult times post COVID-19, experience that has undoubtedly pushed us towards becoming stronger, more aware and hopeful for future generations, new teaching opportunities emerge, aimed at improving and adapting teaching-learning processes to new education paradigms based on Sustainable Development. For this reason, we launched the first Master in experiential SDG education, to integrate the work of the SDG´ in an easy, attractive and thoughtful way in a teaching intervention aimed at sparking a response in society., hagamos realidad una educación de calidad. 

Dirigido a profesionales  que quieran  capacitarse para liderar proyectos ODS en el ámbito educativo o de empresa.  


Este programa lleva a cabo el proceso para la obtención de la acreditación como Profesor Titular ODS Experiencial, que capacita para dar formación sobre Proyectos ODS.


El coste del programa es de 800 euros.


Para acceder a este Master deberás contar con Título de Grado. Los candidatos deben presentar los siguientes documentos:



Everything designed to offer a pleasant experience in a natural environment in the heart of the Alcornocales Natural Park.


– Understand the challenges of sustainable development, know the goals of the SDG, reflect on the current situation and become aware of the need for change.

– Relate transversal contents and specific subjects to generate global citizenship.

– Help develop sustainability by promoting a meaningful education experience, developing dialogue and research skills, and experiencing educational interventions.

– Collaborate with other faculty members and community organisations to jointly design a meaningful program.

– Develop capacities in various areas including: community development, professional commitment, participation in social movements, real-world research.

TFM (End of Master Thesis) PRACTICES

To successfully complete the Master, it is mandatory that students take the TFM test, aimed at verifying the skills and knowledge acquired during their training.

The TFM thesis has to be related to the goals of sustainable development. For example in schools, students must design and conduct in the classroom an educational project that promotes gender equality, the use of renewable sources within the school, adapt facilities that take into account the needs of students with disabilities.

  • Collaborative appraisal: students of the Master degree and SDG students from the same center.
  • TFM: Sustainable Development Goals picked by the institution itself (after self-diagnosis).
  • TFM Group work -> agents of change -> generates an impact throughout the whole education system.

For the teachers, the Master programme has agreements with various education centres for their students to be exclusive candidates for the internships, where they can apply what they have learned, gain experience, expand contacts, and implement their Sustainable Development Project.




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