Certification process that verifies the integration of the sustainable development goals in the mission, vision, values and practices of the Education Institution.

Requirements to participate in the accreditation process

Being a primary or secondary education center

Develop a stable administrative structure for the implementation and monitoring of the SDG experiential program

Set up a work team in the institution itself for the development of each of the steps of the accreditation process

Have a commitment with the education community towards the change to some of the SDG values

Guidance during the learning process

The education institution will receive advice throughout the whole implementation process.
There will be a first visit to the center where the accreditation process will be explained in its first phase as well as the goals to be achieved
Subsequently, visits will be made every two months to continue advising the school
Teachers will have the opportunity to learn and train within the SDG through an app and carry out the implementation in the classroom
Students will have a platform to develop the goals and collect evidence through a personalised portfolio for each student
Once the accreditation is obtained, a review will be carried out one year later and the accreditation will be renewed every two years



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