“Business leaders are vital partners for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Businesses can contribute through their core business activity, so we ask companies around the world to assess their impact, set ambitious goals, and transparently communicate their results. ”

Ban Ki-moon, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

Training adapted to your company and accredited by Cifal Málaga – Unitar, Agencia de Naciones Unidas.



The Business Certificate program offers the tools and knowledge necessary to put sustainability at the core of the strategic business and thereby help overcome these challenges by adopting appropriate and innovative strategies that enable implement sustainable practices in their activity and work closely with governments and society. Company professionals who carry out the SDG training program will receive the United Nations SDG accreditation.

This training is for you if …

  • You are looking for the tools to support your business with strong leadership skills and effective approach towards sustainability.
  • You need a practical action plan to overcome obstacles and make the most of the opportunities associated with developing a sustainable business with other partners.
  • You want to meet, work, and learn from like-minded business leaders.
  • You need proof of your skills and experience in sustainability management for your professional career.


Align the behaviours of companies and the people who form them with the commitments of the 2030 agenda


Offer visibility to the individual and collective effort of the company to meet the 2030 agenda


Do it experientially by consolidating behaviours and habits consistent with the 2030 agenda


  • ⇒ App activities + building a Portfolio.
  • ⇒ Select SDGs and goals of personal / professional interest.
  • ⇒ Reading and learning human rights instruments and articles received in the App.
  • ⇒ Build your approach based on the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda and integrate human rights into an action plan in your Portfolio
  • ⇒ Follow-up and possibility of continuing with other SDGs.
  • ⇒ Seminar days / workshops (See document Seminars)
  • ⇒ Evaluation. At least one of the goals presented in the Portfolio can be implemented and have an impact on the community.

The originality and effectiveness of the prepared plan will be valued.

What will you learn?

The online course integrates different innovative and interactive tools such as microlearnings, infographics and e-learning activities, as well as training components and self study guides (course notes). There will be various opportunities for collaborative and experiential learning through discussions and workshops.

The following modules contribute to the holistic approach that your learning path will take:

  • Orientation day: Welcome to the sustainability App
  • Module 1: Challenges of sustainability (SDG)
  • Module 2: Opportunities for sustainability (Goals)
  • Module 3: Leadership for Action (Reflection)
  • Module 4: Design, technology and planning for sustainability (Conferences, workshops)
  • Module 5: Search for collaborations (Instruments and partnerships)
  • Module 6: Reflecting on your business approach (Ideas for action)
  • Portfolio (Evaluation)

Additional programs


The whole family is certified in the after-school calendar (weekends and holidays) where they will have the opportunity to obtain the family SDG passport.


You can join an experiential SDG program in the extracurricular calendar


Complementary activities to live an unforgettable corporate experience.

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